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  1. Come to Drink Fattys Restaurant and Bar for a good time

    January 31, 2013 by admin

    Welcome TO the Fat life… Fattys

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    Good host: Now this what makes a pub really great! Running a pub is hardly an easy task, what with working long hours behind the counter and having to listen to moaners crib about their lives. And with the drinking hours becoming extended, now anyone can walk into a pub and ask for a drink at almost any time of the day or night. So unless the owner or the host is someone who is good-humored and extremely hard-working, a pub will not be a good place. What’s more, the host must be someone equally friendly and welcoming of a familiar face and an out-of-towner.

    Great drinks: This is what people come into a pub for. If the drinks are not good, who is going to go and spend time and money in a pub? No, one. Exactly. A collection of good beers, ales and other alcoholic beverages is what makes a pub stand out. Home-brewed beers also make a great pub. What is important is that no matter who walks in through the doors, a good pub should have something that will suit that person’s palate.

    Great food: Now it is not true that all pubs need to have a great food menu to do well. No. A lot of people don’t come to a pub for their meals. They come to socialize over a few drinks with friends and family. However, a pub that offers good grub is definitely a place people flock to all the time. However, most people don’t expect fine dining at a pub. Good wholesome food is what sells. Foods which go well with beer and drinks are what a pub should have. Old-fashioned pubs however still don’t have any food on the menu; just drinks.

    Smoking: Now the ban on smoking in public places may look like bad news to smokers, but it is definitely good news for all those people who did not want to go into pubs for the virulent amount of smoke inside. A pub which takes the ban seriously is definitely good. People come in pubs to have a few drinks with friends for company and not to smoke in a lot of second-hand smoke. If you are one of those people who think that smoke creates the ‘atmosphere’ of a pub, you cannot be more wrong. If you do have to smoke, go smoke outside!

    Good carpeting: Now we know that pubs and bars are places where a lot of drinks spill. And that is the reason why so many establishments are stripping their floors of carpets. Though it looks quite smart and means a lot less maintenance and cleaning, a no-carpet look may actually feel a little less homely for a pub aficionado. If you are someone who always looks for a homely atmosphere, perhaps you like entering a pub which has good carpeting done.

    Clean toilets: Now we know clean toilets is a given for any decent establishment, but in a pub this somehow becomes all the more important! Yes, that’s right. People will obviously be visiting the loo quite a few times when they are drinking, and to have a pub being courteous enough to always have clean toilets is a great sign of hospitality. No one likes smelly loos and they can be a total turn-off in a pub!

    Music: Some years back, it was difficult to find a pub without any live music going on. But not today. With entertainment taxes going up and the cost of hiring a singer becoming expensive, not many pubs can actually afford having live music. However, we like the pubs which have at least some sort of entertainment thing going, such as a good jukebox.

    Come out and get into the FAT LIFE at Fatty’s Bar.